Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blue Water

One of my daughter's mother in law went to the Caribbean last summer. I meant to put these pictures on last year! Just came across them today. I'm just a "tad" bit slow, I know! I love under water pictures! It looks surreal, doesn't it? The colors are so vivid. They must have bought an under water camera. They took these when they went diving. I do LOVE these pictures. But this is as close I get to the water! I can't swim! A few years back I went with my husband in a boat, while he fished. I read a book, and just loved it! It was so peaceful:) When the day was done, he rowed back. As we began to dock the boat, I took my life jacket off. I stood up to grab hold of the dock, to pull the boat closer. As I did, I lost my balance and fell. I THOUGHT that by the docks the water would be shallow water. THOUGHT WRONG! I now know why there is no swimming allowed there. I went down, and it seemed like forever! I never touched the bottom at all. For some reason, even though my mouth was shut, water was running down my throat. Is that how people drown? It goes through your nose? Anyway, the farther down I went, I could no longer see the light. There was sea weed everywhere. Luckily when I came back up, my husband was able to grab my hand. I don't think I could have come back up a second time, due to all the water I had swallowed.. I stayed next to the boat for a long time, before trying to get back in....because I was having a hard time breathing. We later found out by one of the people that work at this park, that it is over 30 feet deep there! My husband just asked me this week, if I wanted to go fishing with him again. Can you guess my answer? :)
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Anonymous said...

thank you for Hope for Israel,try or'shua bless you and your family.enjoy your weekend.

Susie said...

You are most welcome! Went to your site, thank you for that too! You have a wonderful weekend too:)
Y'shua bless you as well.