Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Congratulations Tom and Kimberly!!!

The Date:

The Lighthouse:

The Beach:

September 15th was the day of my daughter's wedding! The beach above was where the ceremony was held.
My youngest daughter Kristie was the matron of honor, Tom's sister, Tracy, was a bridesmaid, Kim's friend a brides maid, Tom's brother in law the groomsman, and two of  Tom's other friends.
Then Tom's nephew, neice, and my two grand daughters were the ring bearer and flower girls. It was 
such a nice wedding, so laid back but elegant. Later we enjoyed their hospitality at the reception. 
I want to welcome Tom into our family! As far as we were concerned, he was a part of it long before the wedding. May God bless your union, always. We love you both so very much:)

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krk said...

Welcome back ;o)

Susie said...

Thank you KRK! As you can see, it has been a VERY long time:) Especially since I'm just now posting Kim's wedding! Sheesh!