Wednesday, March 5, 2008

When God Says Wait....

A very dear friend of mine, Janet...sent me this sermon in e-mail. It is an excellent one! It also has something in it about " the resurrection of Lazarus" which also fits into my Mystery #1. There was a reason Jesus waited 4 days to resurrect him....listen to the sermon to find out! Those resurrected at Jesus death, were in their graves I'm sure even longer than 4 days. It sounds as if they had been dead a LONG time. This resurrection was to show those who killed Christ, that HE was who HE said HE was! This sermon is a very encouraging one...listen to all of it if you have time! Waiting is one of those things we all have a hard time doing....especially me! Thanks to all of you who have commented 
on this subject! 

Here's the link!

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