Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Dearest James,

It was such a short time that I have known you.  But from the minute I met you, I knew that I loved you!  All of your little quirks, I knew them all!  Each and every one of them made me love you even more!  I will never forget your sadness, as you told me how much you had missed your Mom.  We talked about it daily.  I know others sometimes got tired of hearing your stories of your Mom, but I never did!  I could tell how much you missed her and just wanted to be with her again:)

We talked about her being in heaven, and you kept telling me you wanted to join her.  I asked you if you had ever accepted Jesus Christ into your heart, and you said "yes".  Then I told you that by doing that, you would join your Mom someday.  You kept asking me when you could go.  I continued telling you that was up to the Lord, it could be years from now, or days....even minutes!  You kept telling me it wasn't fair, because you wanted to go now!

My dear sweet James, the Lord heard your cries.  He came swiftly and silently, taking you quickly.  I doubt you felt any pain...the Lord is sweet that way.  Now you are in heaven with your Mom:)  I'm so happy that you have finally gotten your wish!  But James, I have to tell you...I now know how you felt.  For I'm missing you, just like you missed her.  I will see you someday!  But I unlike you, want it to be awhile yet.  I have family to look after right now, and grand children to watch grow.  But always know, you will be in my heart until we see each other again.

*James was one of the people I cared for where I used to work. I learned a lot from him:)

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