Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sweet Darkness, But Then There Was Light

The wound had healed, but left scars.
The pain within grew and spread.
Like a cancer, it tore at my mind, soul, and flesh.
Sometimes in the night hours I cried.
No one cared or heard.
If only the memories and feelings could be erased.

Sweet darkness hears my cry.
He is ready to erase my existence.
He calls me to him, offering deep sleep,
and woos me like a lover.
I lay there waiting, soon the pain and tears will be gone forever.

Darkness begins to prevail over the light.
He was waiting for my complete submission.
He tells me that it is too late to turn back.
The light slowly fades.
My mind and spirit begin drifting.
Sweet darkness is going to take away the pain.

Soon all light is gone, and I'm floating in total darkness.
To my horror, the only feeling left is the pain.
I cling to it, for it is the only part of me that remains.
The darkness has deceived me!
I hear a cry deep within,

Instantly sleep overtakes me.
Mind, body, and soul slumbers deeply.
My past flashes before me.
I feel the joy, peace, and security as a six year old child
laying on a hill in the grass watching the white clouds drift slowly across the blue sky.
Feeling the rays of the sun upon my face warming me all over with it's love.
When I shut my eyes, I enjoy the sounds of life.
Birds singing sweetly, the sound of the wind roaring above,
and the rustling of the leaves on the tree above me.
Far off in the distance, I hear the sounds of children playing.
Their laughter sounds like a melody.
This summer day means so much to me.
It is the first time in my young life that I feel God's love and total peace.
This is a day I will always remember.

I hear someone whisper softly in my heart and mind.
"My child, I've waited so long for you to reach out to me.
You are mine, and I am yours.
My love and peace I give to you.
The darkness awaits to consume you, he will be back.
Whenever you grow weary from his attacks, just call upon your Father.
I will give you the strength to make him run.
Rest now my child, you have much to do.
In the days to come, I will teach you many things.
Someday I will show you how to help my other children from being deceived from the you were.
I love you my child."

Soon I awaken, very grateful.
I thank my Father above.
He forgave me and loved me when no one else would.
Many years has passed since that dreadful night.
Darkness still follows me, waiting for me to fall.
God gave me a weapon to help fight the darkness... truth and love.


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