Tuesday, June 5, 2007


There are a lot of "puppy mills" that breed pedigree dogs, in unsavory conditions. Sometimes "pet shops" buy
from these places. They get them fairly reasonable. While the puppies are quickly ushered out to be with loving families, the mother and father of these cute little puppies are imprisoned in filthy conditions, under the uncaring watch of people....who only see them as a quick profit. Some of which, do not even feed the dogs
properly enough to sustain them.
My adopted daughter has a friend, who rescued a dog from such a place. 
She was able to enrich his life with love and 
care for a short time.....something he had never had before in his whole life. 
Because of this caring woman and her family, his last days 
were filled with love.  

If you would like to read more about this amazing family and their dog, please click on the site below. What a
warm felt tribute, to Spike. There is a link to the newspaper article concerning the arrest of the people that were running the "puppy mill" that Spike came out of. Also under "Spikes Links" you will see two sites where you can sign petitions. I for one, signed both.


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DN said...

Thanks Mommy for posting the link for Spike's story. I'm sure M will appreciate all your support.
Love You,